Question: Babaji, why do problems arise one after another? 

You have to go into such problems because you imagine the problem as a problem. That's why it appears as a problem. Otherwise the world in its place is okay. The earth is spinning around itself and it's going around the sun. Things which get created vanish. Whatever comes into existence they all go away. So whatever is born has to die. So this is the nature. The nature is made up of dualities. If you try to depend on the happiness of this world, you will have to experience the unhappiness of this world also because one follows the other. Both are transitory. If happiness is transitory of this world it means unhappiness of this world is also transitory. It will also go away. So what you have to do is whatever your situation, your status in this world you must try to keep your mind tuned into God through meditation, through sadhana like this. Then you will overcome all these effects of agony, problems, happiness, unhappiness and there will be Supreme Peace.

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