Question: Babaji, how can meditation help us to surrender while we work in the world?


So the mind starts losing its agitations and the tendency to unnecessarily analyze everything and make judgments of its own. When it becomes quiet that's what the real surrender is. The surrender is really taught so that the mind can become quiet because the mind is always restless. It wants to know everything. Wherever, whatever it wants to know, it limits. The mind can never tell the truth because it can tell you only based on its own imaginations. So meditation can definitely help you to really surrender, technologically surrender in everyway. Surrender means that the mind has to become quiet. Not simply if we touch our heads and do a deep prostration we do not convey surrender. Our mind gets agitated and it has doubts and confusions. So when it becomes quiet it loses all its confusions and imaginations, everything. It becomes quiet, the progress improves and it becomes much easier to go towards the Divine.

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