Question: Babaji, outside of meditation time when we're busy and involved in the world, with all the stresses, strains, nuisances and botherations - what is your advice, what sort of attitude, how should we deal with those situations as they come to us?


First, every day, even for one hour if you practice this meditation regularly and sincerely, the mind gains the ability to remain quiet. Its agitations all would decrease. Suppose in your life a smaller thing happens, your mind might feel hurt and might not be able to forget for years together. But as you practice meditation all these things improve. Your mind would be able to forget about it and forgive and finish the matter; the past is past, it's over and there's no point brooding over it. This type of attitude comes.

However, when you work in this world, try to see God everywhere. Try to see whatever work that you are doing as a duty, just as if you are doing it as a service to God and the Guru, wherever and whatever way that you are working. So thus you will be able to visualize God everywhere, and when you do this one, the mind starts losing expectations and becomes ready to accept the things as it comes, and finally you surrender to God. God provides everything. When God provides everything, whatever He provides, that is everything, and that is the best and beneficial thing. Like that it gets converted. Thus you would be doing a beautiful meditation also, that is what is called karma yoga. Means when you do like this, the mind recedes. Then the mind does not have broodings and agitations, expectations and frustrations - it recedes. That's what you're trying to do in meditation. So that is how yoga can happen through karma also.

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