Question: It is wonderful to see you again Babaji. I have currently had a change in my career and I have a lot of stress in regards to whether I can make it work (starting my own business). Would you be able to talk about achieving a balance between your spiritual practice and worldly practice? Particularly for young people here there is a lot of pressure on us to succeed in our careers and it is not very accepted to spend a large amount of time pursuing a spiritual practice.


Tha basic important points are that, you see, if you have to work with the body, you need to maintan the health of the body. So you have to take out some time in priority to maintain the health of the body and if needed, to take medicines, exercises, proper food, all type of things. In the same way, these exercises, like meditation, take care of your mental health. So first you need to take out time in priority, set a time, practice the meditation and gradually this will enable you to do all such things, like when you want to start a career, you want to put in efforts, what can shape your future is your best efforts in the presence.

You have to plan for your future, that is no problem, but you need not be anxious about the future. Mind very often jumps into anxiousness and worries, whether it will happen or not, "What if it does not happen, what if this happens?" This type of worry starts coming. These things won't be helpful. You plan, "Let me shape up my job and career like this." But for that, in the present you have to work. When you are working, it is important that you put in your best concentrated efforts. This becomes possible when you practice meditation without worry, without becoming anxious. In this world there is no such guarantee, when you put in efforts, you might be putting in best efforts, the same results might come which are not according to your expectations. Some call this luck favoring, some call it as the Grace of the Divine, whatever it is, you can pray to the Divine for blessings and grace, all such things. Ultimately, when the results come your mind has to accept the reality, otherwise you will be slipping into a depression and unnecessary worries and loosing the mental health also. This anxiousness is always a problem, so if you adopt these methods then you will be much more successful. That is why I tell youngsters, when you practice meditation you can be working like a genius in this world.

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