Question:  If there is such a situation in our life, a person or a circumstance is making us feel uncomfortable, is it better to act on it and try to change the situation or just live with it and do not worry about it, if at the end you know it is not going to affect the way you are living?


It reminds me of a beautiful thing I have read in my host's home. It says, "God, give me the strength and courage to change the things that I can change and give me the serenity to accept such things which I cannot change." When you can do either of these things, only then you shall have peace. If you think that you cannot change the circumstances, it is not possible, then still if you want to live in the same situation, it is better to accept the situation so that your mind shall lose the negativity and start accepting it as a reality and shall remain at peace.  This is possible. Otherwise, you should try to change the situation or you have to leave. Leaving, changing, accepting will ultimately be your choice. So the formula is like this, when you accept this only, you will have peace. Shri Krishna also states in Bhagavad Gita, one simple line. He tells, "Tyagat Shantir Anantaram." You get peace only after sacrificing. Very often people get confused, "What is it that we have to sacrifice?" You do not have to sacrifice your home, your life, your body, anything, nothing. Simply you have to sacrifice your mind's ego and imaginations. This mind's ego is what troubles every human being at every stage. When a certain thing is not acceptable to us, it will trouble us. We lose the peace and happiness and we will be absorbing all negativity. If we accept it as the Divine's verdict then the mind becomes peaceful.

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