Question: Babaji, in meditation we are told not to analyze. How do we apply this to our daily lives? How do we live in this world if we do not analyze?


Well, you do require the effects of mind's imagination, analyzation and judgment qualities. Based on the imagination of the mind only, the entire universe runs. Even the scriptures agree, our experience also in tapas, that the Divine has created this universe simply based on the technology of imagination. That is why it is an illusion. So now while dealing with the worldly things, when you have adopted a particular way of life, you do require to analyze and make judgments. But while practicing meditation you should not do this so that your mind recedes and becomes concentrated, comes under your control.

Another important thing is while dealing with these worldly things in your daily life, you are spending your conscious energy called mind to analyze, make judgments. In the process it goes into cravings and worries. The thinking all very often goes into cravings and worries. Just like which you can do by spending one dollar, unknown to you, you are spending thousands of dollars. In this world you can deal with the worldly things and live the way of life that you have adopted just by using a minimum consciousness of energy of the mind that is required. Just like with one dollar you can deal with it. Unknown to you, you are allowing your mind to get sucked into this analyzing and judgment effects, which is giving you the stress, unhappiness, confusion and fear, all these things.

So if you practice this meditation, while doing meditation, do not analyze or do not try to judge. If the thought processes come, if visions happen, as I have explained earlier also, that they are all simply getting evaporated from the mind. While getting evaporated the brain is de-codifying them, which shows up as the thought processes and creates visual effects called visions. So just keep watching them as a witness then those thoughts and visions also will evaporate and vanish, your mind also will recede and the meditation progresses very easily.

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