Question: Since Babaji's visit to London I have tried to focus my eyeballs between my eyebrows. Recently I have found doing this very distracting. I seem to spend much time concerned with whether my eyeballs are correctly focused which is disrupting my meditation. Additionally, I am unsure whether I have succeeded in focusing them or not. It feels that one eyeball is focused between the eyebrows but the other isn't. Any help, guidance and encouragement would be gratefully received.


I understand that it is bit difficult to bring both eye balls in between eyebrows. No need to be in a rush. This is one basic reason why focus becomes difficult when, even unknown to yourself, you are in a hurry. Then one is likely to lose patience, which is very essential. Politely keep looking in the front without allowing any such thought coming, as to whether eyeballs are concentrated or not. When steadily you keep watching front, after closing the eyes, slowly in due course of time the eyeballs pickup the strength to remain focused. When thoughts or visions occur, do not analyze them or do not make any judgments. Such as why is this happening? This is good, this is bad. etc. Then mind becomes focused and together the eyeballs also become focused.

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