Question: Sometimes when I get the concentration, the focus, it seems like my mind is not connected to the brain also. Not connected means it has the awareness but again its concentration is quite powerful and the body gets jerked, like a feeling that you are falling but again it comes back


Occasionally this type of experience might happen during advanced meditation. Some currents pass when the jerk happens, at that time the body might quietly jerk and it will come back into that position. That is why perhaps in ancient times those sages tried to adopt some postures that the body shall not fall; even in the state of samadhi the body can simply fall sometimes. But it will not be a sleepy state, it will not be a trance type of excitement state – it is simply currents passing. Such a person would not be claiming anything, would not be behaving in any such manner, would not be dancing or giving such jerks. It would be simply a quick jerk and come back, that type of thing. You can tell that when the energy movement is there the mind is becoming totally concentrated; the body consciousness is also getting lifted upward, so this type of currents might pass through.


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