Question: Babaji, during meditation when you say we put our attention here, mind, I am having a problem with that because I find that because I am putting my attention in my mind here, it's an effort. I'm putting effort into it and I can't go beyond that. I'm thinking “keep this here, keep the mind here.” So I can't go deeper because I'm trying to keep my attention on the mind “here, my mind here.”

In the beginning it shall happen because the eyeballs do not come easily to one direction, its parallely moving. The movement and jerks of eyelids and eyeballs can give the jerk and pain to the mind also. It is important that first you do not move the eyeballs and keep the attention as much as possible. You need not force in-between the eyebrows also even the front portion if needed. Still if it is difficult you can look a little lower towards the tip of the nose or little somewhere here. That is easier. After some practice you would be easily able to lift it upwards or on it's own it will become concentrated. So that will become alright a little later if you practice regularly.

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