Question: I'm in need of some practical advice because I find it very difficult to meditate.  My mind wanders like everyone else's, probably more so. When you concentrate on the ajna, the third eye (brow chakra) do you actually visualize your own forehead, with its lines or is it a spot? How should it be?


You need not visualise anything. Just look there and don't think what it is. Because the third eye means what?  It is nothing but mind. When the mind loses all thoughts and imaginations, it goes introverted then your consciousness will be able to become aware of yourself. That is why it is also known as third eye. That is why when both eyeballs can come here it doesn't come easily, it moves parallely. However, steadily you just keep looking; you do not imagine where you are looking. You just look there and then the concentration will happen once. When the mind stops all thinking, all thoughts get evaporated and the purification happens, then the concentration will happen.

Question (same questioner): Do you actually squint?



Questioner: Yes, move the eye in that direction.


You need not try it because if you force it, it could be painful.  You just watch the front portion like this. Keep watching by closing the eyes. Slowly, in due course of time, like six months or one year, if you are regular in your practice then it will start coming. First it will start then stop coming, your vision will come closer and closer. Then you try to watch, watch, watch, watch. Practice that concentration.

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