Question: Babaji, a few moments ago you said that you must keep the mind here. Who do you mean, what do you mean when you say 'you'? Who is the 'you'?


You as the Immortal Soul and you as the mind. Somewhere in between there is an imagination. Because the mind is existing, it has an imagination of the 'I' - that 'I' really does not exist. But when I mean 'you' means, that mind itself. Within that mind, you are also there, that mind is also there. Because this mind consciousness has forgotten the real you, which you become aware of only when this mind goes back to the Self, when it loses all imaginations. Really there is no third 'I' in between the two things, the real Self and the mind, this consciousness. In different stages it comes to be known as different things chitta, and then the mun, and so on like that. When it loses all imaginations, for a while when it is about to get absorbed into the Self, before going into Samadhi, in that status it becomes a pure consciousness. But still, a little iota of 'I' would be there, so that comes to be known as chitta.

Once it gets absorbed into the Self, only one single Self is there. Then there is no seer and seen. As long as there is a separate entity of imagination, you try to have a target of God, or Self, or whatever it is. But once you become one with It, there is nothing to visualize. You are there, you are aware of your existence.

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