Question:  In one of your books, you say that the brain has enabled the soul to be conscious and aware of the universe and it is through the reflections of the brain that the mind, which is a spark of the Supreme Consciousness called the Self, comes into existence. And yet the mind assumes everything that is reflected by the brain is real, recognizes and absorbs as an imprint and starts wandering aimlessly in the universe losing control and losing consciousness of Self. What is the purpose of the brain? The brain gives consciousness to the Self yet it makes the Self lose consciousness?


Yes, there is a significant point in this. It is something like this, what is the purpose of money? Money can be a very good servant but a very bad master. In the same way, this brain can be very useful for you to live in this world. You require the brain. It has given you the consciousness of this universe. But what happens, if you allow the brain to become master, then the brain will make you to dance to its tunes. If you practice the sadhana and control the mind, that is your conscious energy, then you will be able to use the brain to the best of your ability. Brain is an amazing, wonderful organ, but all that you need is to learn how to use it. Just like you have a computer, you need to learn how to use it. If you have a car, you need to learn how to use it. Then all of these things become so much useful to you. So all this becomes possible through your mind, because mind is your conscious energy. Through the mind only, you can take care of everything. So first take care of the mind, then automatically you can take care of the brain also.

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