Question:  Baba, you said you will be the master of your brain. 'You' means 'the thoughts' will be the master of the brain, but from where, how do those thoughts come and how are those thoughts able to use the brain, because thoughts are none other than the mind?


Actually, just now, the 'you' does not exist because you have imagined something else about that, that is why I am telling this sentence. However, as the Self is totally intact and this droplet called the mind has come out and the mind has lost way and lost control, so when the mind becomes quiet, then you will be able to control the mind. I keep telling, you are that Soul, means, gradually in deeper meditations you realize that this mind is going towards the Self and is getting absorbed. When the total consciousness goes on the Self, you become aware of your real Self. However, while operating in this world it is the mind which is you that you have imagined temporarily.

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