Question:  I am still confused because then what is the role of the brain if it does not produce the thoughts but it is still there, it is a biological organ...?


It helps you to produce the thoughts. It itself does not produce the thoughts. Because it is there, your mind gets sucked into it. These are all some peculiar points I will tell, but it is not conclusive. One is alive because of the other and one is active because of the other. Actual fuel for the brain's activation is the mind, and for mind to be remaining activated, it is the brain that is the fuel for it. A sadhak is taught that skillfully without trying to affect the health of the brain you try to withdraw the mind. As you go on withdrawing the mind when you are able to, then the brain's reflections also decrease, they all become quiet, quiet, and quiet. One day this mind totally gets absorbed into the Self, goes into Samadhi. And as I keep telling when a Yogi comes back from the Samadhi a little bit of consciousness is kept in touch with the brain so that the body is alive, so that the mission work can happen, the body can be helpful to the others but the mind itself is not allowed to go into a craving.

You have a car, you sit into the car, you drive it and keep it under control. If you lose control, the same car can cause disastrous things to you. The same way, you are the mind. Mind is yours and you are the mind, everything is that one. You use the brain, you won't allow the mind to succumb to the reflections of the brain too much and you will not allow it to go into cravings if you become a Yogi. Otherwise an ordinary human cannot control the mind, once it gets in touch with the brain it escapes and billions and billions of thought processes keep happening, keep happening and you get involved. You won't be able to make out which came first, hen came first or the egg came first.  Hen comes out of the egg, egg comes out of the hen. You get involved into the whirlpool of thoughts coming and analyzing and absorbing imprints. So that is why a sadhak is always taught just bother how quickly you can withdraw the mind, just now do not bother about the brain. Use it and simply leave it there. It will go back in its own technology. That is a totally different technology. This whole world will go back to the Divinity. That cannot be demonstrated. Only in deeper Samadhi one can experience this one. But what you can do is you can withdraw your mind. Through meditation this is what has to happen.

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