Question: That means the mind is like a projector, that you sometimes talk about?


You see a projector is there. The projection is happening, the cinema is happening. Even if you try to tear the screen, the projection will go on happening. There is a secret button in the projector. When you press the button the cinema also vanishes and the projector also vanishes, and that secret button is the meditation. Stop imagination and then everything will be all right. This is not the answer. You will never get the answer. There is no conclusive answer for this. It is a very peculiar, amazing thing that is happening which goes unnoticed throughout our life.

When we practice meditation, in deeper meditation you try to understand how you had been getting victimized by the brain because you had no control over your mind. Simply what you can do is, you can gain control over the mind. So you do what you can do, do not bother what you cannot do. You should not try to touch the brain. You cannot destroy the brain and gain Realization, otherwise every alcoholic and drug addict would have become a Realized soul. That is what is happening. It is very harmful. Not only that, drugs and alcohol, you all can understand, but even in the spiritual world also sometimes people who are becoming monks, they get succumb to these type of habits.

There is a crude form of opium which is in local language called bhang, these ghanga type. Some people get misguided and they try to use because they have such quality. If you take, it suppresses the brain's reflections and they can be sitting unmoved for a long time. They start imagining that they are going into ecstasy and spiritual experiences and Samadhi but no such thing happens. Once that medicinal quality goes out, then the brain jumps back into reflections and the mind gets involved again. They never get anywhere near. Even in the legendary stories also this has been added wrongly that Lord Shiva used to take bhang, if anyone has read this story. So they used to come and ask my Guru this question also, "Lord Shiva used to take?" Then He used to ridicule and pull them up, "All these things, nonsense stories, all written by people like you all. Whoever wanted to take, they have written as God, as an excuse, as a scapegoat. In the stories, Lord Shiva drank the poison, also you drink the poison.  You cannot drink that one". So this is how things have happened actually. We have to be very careful not to bother much about brain, but bother about the mind. That is possible for you.

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