Question: Can you please tell us your experience when you became Realized?


It is difficult to explain, as it has no relative qualities. The mind loses all imaginations and ego and remains settled in the Self effortlessly without imaginations of 'I', and in Supreme Peace. There is Awareness of Existence, but no imaginations of who you are. All imaginations are gone.

If you are living here and someone asks you to explain where you live, you will say "Number 6 Such-and-such Street". Now if you travel further away, if someone else asks you where you live, you will just say, "Buderim." If you travel still further away you will reply, "Sunshine Coast." If you travel still further, say overseas, then if someone asks that question you will say, "Australia." So in this way you are beginning to expand your identification. If you were to leave the Earth and were then asked where you came from, you would just say, "Earth." So in this way the consciousness expands from a small place to a bigger place.

There is a story that once Adi Shankaracharya got a small ego. As he was walking, Lord Shiva came in front of him in the form of an untouchable carrying alcohol in a jug on his head. Seeing this, because of the small ego he had developed, Shankaracharya told him, "Go away." The untouchable replied, "I will go away gladly if you can show me a place which is beyond this space which we live in." Hearing this Shankaracharya realized this was no ordinary person in front of him, and prostrated.

This is why a Yogi loves everyone; because He sees God, He sees the Self everywhere.

Question: From that stage of Realization, does it require 'will' to stay in touch with the body?


Yes, it requires a small sattvic ego to keep in contact with the brain, so that the mind will operate in this world. The mind needs to be in contact with the brain or the brain will die. A Yogi keeps only the minimum amount of attention required to keep this occurring.

Still a Yogi  will be able to come back only if the Divine ordains it, otherwise He may not be able to come back.

So my ego is my dear Guru's name and His mission. I simply love Him and can't possibly go against Him in any way. So following His directions we hold programs in which we teach meditation, sing some bhajans, offer Prasad and answer your questions. These were dearer to Him. This is the ego that I have by my Guru's Grace and it is used to do His work. As long as that is there, you will see Baba in this physical body. Once that is gone, (Baba clicks His fingers) it's over!

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