Question: Babaji, could you please explain Self Realization?


Self Realization means you realize what you are. How this happens is, the mind has come out of the Self because of its imagination. It's also an illusion. Just like the sun's ray has come out of the sun; a droplet of the ocean has come out of the ocean. So, you practice the sadhana. Sadhana means your effort to achieve. Here, in spiritual language, it is synonymous with your efforts to achieve mind control, mind becoming quiet. The mind is out of the Self, because of its imagination of something else. This means it is conscious of something else other than the Self. So when you practice, you practice so that you achieve the stillness of the mind. You get rid of all its imaginations and become quiet. When it happens, this mind goes back to the Self, it gets absorbed into It and becomes aware of its existence. You become aware of your real existence as the immortal Soul, that is all-pervading. That is what is called as Self Realization.

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