Question: Can you please explain the stages of Samadhi?


Samadhi means 'total stand-stillness'. The mind constantly wanders, it is always active. In the stage of Savikalpa Samadhi  the mind has become concentrated on one object, unwavering. When we use the expression'Vikalpa' it means there is still the slightest 'dot' of 'I' in the mind. In 'Nirvikalpa' this slightest 'I' is gone, the mind then remains in Sahaja (effortless) Samadhi.

Naturally the mind is always in samadhi, now I need not put any effort to go into samadhi. The mind is always in samadhi, even if I am talking or moving, eating, just sitting, anything, the mind would be totally silent. For a Yogi, He might be gossiping, or whatever - but He is still 'the ever-silent one'. He has no cravings. A Yogi's mind never rises in agitation; no agitation is there. It does not picturise or visualise things like your mind would be picturising constantly or daydreaming. The Yogi's mind is not like that; it keeps quiet, totally at peace always. Just like you keep writing on paper and it instantly gets erased. So the mind does not absorb any imprints at all anymore.



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