Question: It is said that to be born as a human is a special opportunity. Can you please explain why in more detail?


In the human body it is the brain that is well developed, that can think and discriminate, that there is ''something wrong with me''. When the misidentification has happened it goes on for life after life. At some life it's the brain that can help you to think, “Why is it that I'm not getting permanent happiness?” As a child I also used to think, “If there is happiness, it must be there all the 24 hours of a day and 12 months of the year. There should never be, even for a moment, any tension or any unhappiness. Why is that it doesn't happen? Is there anything wrong within my mind?” Only the brain has this effect. All other creatures simply act based on their instincts. Most of the time their simple worry will be to fill the belly, that is all. The Buddha, when he started, wondered why death should happen, why a person should become ill or have old age. That is how this human life is a gift.

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