Question: Baba earlier today you spoke about when our mission here is completed we will leave our body, we will die.  Baba - A Yogi's? Is there some higher significance to the timing of our death or is it completely random as it seems?


 It is very difficult to give a conclusive answer.  This is based on the symptoms as is widely always assumed that the Divine's ordainment is that a Yogi is always working and when the end happens to the physical body so that Yogi's mission is complete.  The Mission will be carried on by the disciples - the next generations. So that's why the body gets dropped.  This is a common thing. The body has to get dropped at some time - that is the important and true thing. It might happen tomorrow, it might happen 10 years later, nobody knows.  The Yogi also does not assume any such thing. It is something like remaining in a deep sleep - suddenly one day the body falls, that is all.  The Yogi also does not think or try to visualize, 'When will God want to take away this body? Is there any such work, any ordainment as long as the body is there?'  The Yogi is absorbed in the Divinity and it goes on working and one day the body gets dropped.  So we will have to assume that the mission is over and as many people who were supposed to come and receive blessings came. They have received as much as they are supposed to see the Yogi in a physical body.  They see and then finish.  You can consider that it happens at random.

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