Question: Are humans superior to animals?


At least as long as this brain is concerned.  You see, you become superior to the animals because it is the humans who have the well-developed brain.  You are able to think, right, wrong, real and unreal.  You are able to discriminate.  All other creatures, the animals, their mind works only on instincts.  Generation after generation they pick up instincts to earn their livelihood, hunt and find the food.  Once their belly is filled they won't bother about anything else. Happiness or unhappiness they will simply be there.  Once they are hungry at that time they don't think anything else.  Humans have an edge over all other creatures because of their brain, their thinking capacity.  Such a big elephant and such a big tiger enormously powerful - even with their size they can hit the human and break the skull.  Physically human strength is nothing; but using their brain with a small bullet they are able to kill such a big elephant or tiger.  They are ruling the world.  So in that way the human life is more superior definitely.  So that is why human life is the very rarest of rare gems that one has obtained, one must utilize to feel more responsible to other creatures, to fellow beings on this earth, utilize this opportunity to realize our own selves, how we exist as the immortal soul and try to be tuned into God as much as possible.

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