Question:  What is the best time Babaji had with Swamiji and what is the worst experience He had with Swamiji? Babaji, please relate any interesting incident that Babaji had experienced with Swamiji and the changes in Babaji's life.

Every moment was the best, every moment that I remember was the best. If your question meant the physical existence, every moment that I spent physically was the best. The moment I lost him physically was the worst moment. But that is only for the physical thing. Of course Swami is All Pervading. He had trained us, He blessed us to go into tapas and experience Him absolutely as the all pervading spirit. However, that physical presence was a great bonus and has had its own special thing. You would wonder whether such a great Yogi existed in the flesh and blood form. He moved with us physically as I have always told that God lived with us. That was the greatest wonderful moments. There was never any worst moment when He was with us physically. And even now there is no such thing called worst moment. He is always there whatever happens because our minds have learnt to see Him everywhere. Even if somebody is wicked and doing an evil thing, he's trying to back stab us or doing some harm for the mission or the ashram, it is also not a worst moment because in all those things the divine play of our Swami is totally visible. It's He who creates. It's He who will withdraw the creation.
Throughout his life Shri Krishna helped Yadavas to built Dwarika so beautifully with all the wealth everything. As Shri Krishna was about to depart from his physical body Dwarika got submerged through a tsunami effect of the sea. That's what happens to every creation. So there is never any worst moment, always best.

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