Question: Can you tell us more about Swamiji?


In 1974 My mother blessed me and said I could go to Swamiji. She had made me wait three years because she wanted to know that I was determined and my mind was not wavering. She wanted me to be disciplined and determined so that I would not be homesick. Swamiji sent me to Dehradun. He was always affectionate to me. In the mornings I would accompany Him walking. In the mid 1970's there were lots of chances to go with Him alone. He would talk about philosophy such as the Yoga Vasishta. Behind the Ashram we would walk down to the riverbed. Swamiji would hold onto my shoulders as we walked down the steep hill. I was scared that I would slip.

I have great memories. I would be thrilled and excited to be with Him. He'd also gossip about the neighbours. I got agitated and wish He would keep
quiet! I would get Him His tea. In later years He would make me nervous in front of His devotees so I would put the wrong shoes on His feet with the
socks still in them! He would say that I would think about Him but not think about attending to Him.

I would have to wake Him in the morning and was not allowed to arrive a minute earlier or later than 3.30am. If I came early He would tell me off
for disturbing His peace and if I was late then he would accuse me of filling my belly in the kitchen. It was impossible to keep to His instructions in boiling His milk and He would always be ringing the bell, checking up on me.

I would have to give Him and His devotees tea. They would walk and sit by the riverbed but I would have to go back up and bring thermoses, glasses
and so on, like a restaurant supplier. Then I would have to go back up for a second round. I would have to run like an Olympic champion for Him! There
was no time for me to sit down. I was the all-rounder who cleaned His room, boiled water for His bath and so on. It was natural to forget things but He
was always scolding Me. It was a great experience of love and teachings that you can be more perfect everyday.

Once He took a glass of milk from me and began scolding me for 30-40 minutes. It was terrible and then He tells me that there was an evil spirit
on my head and He was not scolding me. Oh, why didn't He tell me earlier! He was very loving, He always fed me and took care of me. He had an
understanding of my mother and blessed her saying that Seenu was her greatest donation and He blessed all of her family. My mother told me not to ask Swamiji to come to Bangalore to visit her but wait until Swamiji asks you to come to Bangalore. He would make an excuse every now and then for me to come to His ashram there and I would visit my mother.

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