Question: I have meditated for sixteen hours in one day, for the first time, eighty-two hours of meditation in one week, also five hours of continuous concentration on watching thoughts without getting involved once. I am working towards starting tapas, although I think I will always have to buy and cook food, maintain the house and say hello to my wife occasionally! When does tapas start, and how does it happen?


Your meditation is wonderful. Tapas really starts when your mind is able to remain still and thoughtless for more than ten hours at a stretch in one single sitting. When it has to happen, either a vision may occur or you would be pushed with a strong urge and inspiration. That would only be the beginning of an arduous journey. Food will have to be as little as possible, just enough to sustain body. Liquid foods which are highly nutritious are preferable. Keep going with this meditation and it will definitely come. The Divine will push you in to tapas.

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