Question: When you say you were 'put into Tapas', was that Samadhi?


An initiation was given. I used to just close my eyes and the mind went still in a Samadhi. Already I had been working in the world for 20 years serving my Guru. The technologies are difficult to explain.

My mind was attached to Shivabalayogi, so for me, when the mind had become 100% concentrated, perhaps the mind made Shivabalayogi appear before me, and initiate me. After I was lead into the room, I was made to sit and the mind became silent. I found when I came out of that state, none of my previous interests remained - there was no interest to serve, sing bhajans, and so on.

I didn't myself have the idea, "I should do this" - it was not planned. When the time is ripe, it simply happens.

Just like for Buddha - He saw an old man, an ill person, a monk. From this He got inspiration from within, and he went into meditation.  The inspiration comes from within ultimately.


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