Question: I like the way you said there is no difference between Self and God. Can you talk about Self and God?


When we talk of the Self Realization or Self let me say that there is really no difference between the Self and God. That does not mean that the individual soul is God. It is something like the relationship between the droplet of the ocean and the ocean. If we say the ocean is like God, then the droplet is the individual self. When you practice meditation it is like the droplet that wants to know the depth of the ocean, wants to know everything about the ocean, so it has to jump into the ocean. As long as it exists as a separate entity from the ocean it cannot understand. Whatever it tries to think it will only be able to think based on its own existence as a small droplet. But when it falls into the ocean, the droplet vanishes and becomes one with the ocean. That is the Ultimate Truth, the Real Self. That Self is also recognized as God. There is God as long as you imagine yourself as a separate entity and God as an entity separate from you. If you practice this meditation you will experience that you are one with the Divine. You look for the Self, that feeling of 'I', so when you go to the source of that 'I' you will discover that Self is not different from God. One single Self existing as all-pervading and omnipresent. There is really no difference between that Self and God.


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