Question: Babaji what is the form of the Self?

It is actually beyond all form and formlessness. You can visualize in any form. You can visualize in any formlessness. Its basic nature of existence is Supreme Consciousness of Existence. That is what a Yogi experiences. When all thoughts come to an end, all imaginations vanish. Not even the thought of I, "I exist" or "I want this." Like in moksha sanyasi Yoga Shri Krishna Talks “When your thought that 'I want moksha' also comes to an end then actual moksha happens.” It's like "I want to sleep, I want to sleep, I want to sleep," when the thought comes to an end you go to sleep. When there is no thought there is no such thing. So that is how some what like that only experience of the self happens. A Yogi becomes simply aware of his own existence in Supreme Consciousness but there shall not be any thought whether it is 'I' or whether it is 'God' or 'you' or 'who', any such thing.


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