Question: Can Babaji tell us the story about the faith of Lord Hanuman in His Guru as told by Swamiji to Babaji? 


Several times I have told this story, because you all have requested I don't mind narrating once again. It always gives me happiness to narrate what Swamiji used to tell. Swamiji himself told me so many times, maybe fifty or hundred, I don't remember in those twenty years. Every time that He pulled me up, or scolded me, or behaved harshly it was only for a test of my devotion, to test my attachment to him. And then He Himself used to pacify afterwards.  Within the next moment, He used to calm down, “Ah! Baba has scolded now your mind must want to run away from me. Ah! Look Ramchandraji wanted to murder Hanuman but Hanuman never gave up Rama's name. What do you think? What do you say?” Then He used to start telling the story.

Once all the angels and Maharishis sat down for a big conference. There was a lot of talking, boasting and claiming, all the angels, Sages, everyone. The topic of Lord Rama came up. Is Rama more powerful or is Rama's dhanush banam, (bow and arrows) more powerful. What it is? So Vishwamitra could not keep quiet. He started boasting, “Rama's bows and arrows are more powerful. I've seen him since childhood. What do you think? Even today if Rama stands with his bow and arrows nobody can challenge him in all the worlds.”  Badmash (naughty) Vasishta, he also could not keep quiet. At least he should have kept quiet. He started boasting himself “No, Vishwamitra what do you think? Rama's name is more powerful than his bow and arrows. Even today at all times anybody who has total faith in Rama's name can challenge Rama himself when he stands with his bow and arrows.” Vishwamitra got high blood pressure and furious. “Come on Vasishta, what you are talking is nonsense. We will test this. Vasishta teasingly said, “No problem, you can test, you'll see the truth.” 
So when the Sages start fighting with each other the common mortal gets into trouble. Swamiji used to tell, “It is play for the cat but it is life and death for the rat or mouse.”  So they selected a particular king who was very devoted to Rama. All the time he used to meditate on Rama and repeat Rama's name only. They deliberately selected such a time when he used to be in meditation. Sage Vishwamitra came to his palace. In those days the Gurus and sages they were received with honour by the kings and rulers. Anywhere they went even if they went unannounced, they used to keep everything ready. They used to wash their feet, Guru's reception everything. Because that king was deep in meditation he could not receive Vishwamitra. Using this as an excuse Vishwamitra went to Rama's court, “Hey Rama, in your empire there are people who don't respect me. I am not going to stay in your empire. I am going away.” He got angry and started going away. Ramchandraji got up from the throne and came and fell at his feet, “Maharaj, please don't go. Who troubled you in my empire?” Even God used to revere Yogis and Gurus to such an extent that Rama told, “Please tell me who was disrespectful to you in my empire. Tomorrow before sunset I will chop off his head, I promise in the name of the bow and arrows through which I killed the demon king Ravana.” Very much satisfied Vishwamitra said, “Now I have trapped Rama.  He has promised, means he cannot go back. Let me see what happens.” So satisfied he told that this is the king and went away. So before sunset the next day he was supposed to kill him.
Narada was also in the conference. Narada was a very naughty boy all the time. Whenever a chance arose to make people fight particularly if it is God and the God's devotee, Guru and the Guru's disciples he was always very happy. He thought that this is a golden chance, let me go. He came down quickly and came to the palace and told the king, “Oh Raja, you always keep singing Rama, Rama, Rama. What use man? Your Rama is going to kill you tomorrow before sunset.”

“Ah Bhagwan”, the king said. “Now what to do, my God?  Who can protect me?” So Narada said, “Look there is a secret. I'll tell you a secret. If at all somebody can help you it is Hanuman. He will be sitting on a tree top or on a mountain top always remembering Rama. First go and tell that your life is in danger because Hanuman is always in a different Samadhi of his own. He loves Rama's devotees. First take a promise that He will protect you whatever it is.”

So Narada was telling, “First take a promise from Hanuman and then only announce who is going to kill you. Don't tell Him who is going to kill you.”  So this king went to the place where Hanuman was remembering Rama's name. He fell at his feet, “Maharaj protect me. My head is in danger. I'm going to be killed before sunset tomorrow. What to do? Who can protect me? Nobody seems to be there in this world.”  Hanuman was always in Rama bhava, “Ay, why do you worry man. Nobody can kill you before sunset. I'm here, I promise in the name of Rama. It is so dear to me at all times that nobody can kill you tomorrow before sunset. Okay, no problem. Come sit. Who is going to kill you I cannot understand?”
He said that “Maharaj, the great Lord Rama is going to kill me tomorrow.”  “Ah Badmash! You did not tell me before. Now you want me to fight my Guru. Very dangerous samachar. Okay there is some Divine play here. Let us see, no problem.” Then Hanuman built a big fort through his tail and he made the king, “You go and sit down there, don't worry. I will take care. Let us see what happens tomorrow.”
Next day Rama sent all his army, Lakshman, Bharata, Shatrughan everybody came. But Hanumanji drove them away by Rama's name. He had so much power. Everybody went away. Finally, Rama himself came with his chariot and asked Hanuman “Hey Hanuman, I want to kill this king. Hand him over to me because I have promised that tomorrow before sunset I will kill him. That is my promise and you are my disciple. You cannot disobey me.” Hanuman folded his hands, “My Lord Maharaj, because tomorrow when you pass away physically your bows and arrows will also pass away. It is of no use to anybody. So you cannot protect anybody. The bows and arrows are not going to protect. But in the coming ages, even after you physically go away, Rama's name will always be useful. Whoever with total faith, devotion and concentration can remember Rama's name they will be protected at all times. They will get rid of this samsara, this ocean of samsara which is a crocodile.” So thus saying Hanuman said that, “I am not going to give up this king, because I cannot allow my Rama's name to go false. I do not mind if Rama's bow and arrows go false.”

To this Rama was very furious and he said, “Hanuman, then first I will murder you and then I will murder this king.” No problem. Hanuman started saying, “Rama, Rama, Rama”. Then Ramchhandraji took out his bow and arrows and went on shooting the arrows one by one. All became a garland and fell on his head. Hanuman was standing, nothing happened to him. Rama kept on shooting arrows. Then all the Sages and Angels who had gathered to witness this beautiful drama came and pacified Rama. “Maharaj, please forgive us. We just wanted to see this drama, see the play.”  And they all obtained Rama's Grace and they all went away.
So if you remember Guru's name even He, Guru, cannot harm you. Guru will have to bless you. That's how Swamiji always used to tell this story. To tell how the faith can work wonders. That's the ultimate.


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