Question: How can you make your faith grow?


(Babaji laughs here before He answers.) By having that faith. Convince yourself; reassure yourself; keep talking to yourself whenever anything happens, "Though this thing is happening to me, though I don't like this one, maybe this is for my benefit only. My Guru's Blessing and Grace will always be there."  Reassure yourself. The faith will grow.

Question: What if our faith is tested?


It is a difficult task for householders when you are living in this world. But yet, you need to reassure yourself and have faith. You cannot afford to give up that faith itself. Just like when you are going on the ladder, you have to climb up on the terrace. You cannot afford to give up that ladder. You will fall down. So if you visualize, understand these things, then you won't give up the faith.

Question: So it seems that you're saying that positive thinking plays a role in what we achieve and that if we have the courage to just go for it and have faith,  if we make that step, we get more faith, more understanding, more and more realization through sadhana.


Definitely. Very often, the present day generation is engaged in negative thinking. They say, “Babaji could do tapas because he was a highly evolved soul. How can we do these things?"

Such negative thoughts are not really good. "If Baba could do, I can also do it. I must be able to do it." So that should be the motivation,  that you need to keep to yourself. Always think positively that you can do it. Though it is difficult, it is not impossible. Try to think positively like that. Positive thinking is always very, very helpful. You can do it, you must be doing it and you can do it. Positive thinking is very important and vital.

I used to try to visualize the great Lord Rama and Sri Krishna, who Indians believe in as incarnations of God. More than that, if we try to visualize them, they were all born on this earth as human beings like anybody else, but they practiced that samadhi, that meditation, and they became great realized souls. They were such mighty souls. Their work was so mighty, that people consider them to be incarnations. So if you see from their view point, how much they also struggled. That struggle got converted as their tapas.  Difficulties are faced by every individual almost. The person becomes great depending on how he's able to face those difficulties. So that's what war fields, or battles, everybody will have to face. Depending on how a person faces, depends whether he is valiant or a coward. That's all the difference. Everybody will have to face the difficulty, life is full of difficulties. And it's a mixture of good and bad always. So if you simply think positively, every difficulty gets converted as a sadhana, as an opportunity to show your talents, to show your vigorous practice and what you can do. So thus you always need to be positive in life.

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