Question: What is the difference between faith and devotion?


Actually both go in parallel and together. If there is one, the other also occurs; one is because of the other. You become devoted because you have faith.  So when you become devoted you automatically shall have faith, that is always there. Faith means you are able to surrender yourself to the Divine's wishes or the Guru's wishes. When you have total faith in the Guru or God, it means you shall not try to question anything or analyze mentally why you have to do a certain thing or why a certain type of result is coming. Here also the mind surrenders when it has total faith. Also, when you have faith you will be serious in doing everything. You will have that devotion and will pursue the path of sadhana very seriously.  And if you have faith you automatically have devotion also. Really there is not much difference. Both go combined together. If there is one, the other will also be there. Without one, the other is not possible. Without faith, devotion is not possible. Without devotion, simply having faith also is not possible. Once you have one it means the other is automatically there.

If you are devoted it means you have respect at its highest pitch. You are totally dedicated and devoted. You are devoted because you have faith. Faith means you have total reverence to the Guru. So both mean the same actually at some point.

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