Question: In your talks you have spoken of surrender. What is surrender and how does one surrender?


In this world you have to put in efforts.  If you are really devoted you will accept the results as they come. You have control over the efforts that you put in, but not over the results of those actions. Thus if you can simply accept whatever results come about, then the mind will not be brooding. Thus Shri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita instructs:

"Tyagatshantiranataram" - ''Peace will come after renouncing the cravings of the mind."  When the mind can sacrifice the results and just simply act - focusing on the action itself and not on the results, so there is no brooding or unhappiness - one will simply act and think, "In whatever state you keep me, I will be happy."

True surrender is not easy; one needs sadhana to be able to achieve this. Ego is the biggest hindrance, everyone will have this. So in this way Swamiji used to say, "Those are great who can see and correct their own faults."

True surrender is a difficult thing.


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