Question:  Baba, I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about the aarati, devotional singing that we do in the beginning and end of the programme, the Indian tradition behind this.


Aarati is showing supreme reverence to the Master, considering Him equivalent to God, it is a reverence that you show. So when you take a full round, means symbolically He is the total universe. So when you show such an aarati, you would be showing such a reverence, it is a way of worshipping. Afterwards it is normally shown and you all take it symbolically into your eyes, means you revere a Master or God in such a way as if you would like to look after your own eyes. Eyes are so important, such a sensitive organ, that you would not like to hurt them and you would like to look after respectfully. So if you care for the Guru, care for God, then you would be benefited. Like if you respect the dharma, dharma will protect you. If you can take care of the dharma, dharma can take care of you. If you can take care of this country, the country can take care of you. In that way, these things are taught traditionally to show, just like you offer some flowers, so you try to worship, so you are showing a supreme reverence.

This reverence is always recommended. An important point is that human beings are very often casual and lazy and give up things, the mind happens like that one. So if you are serious and if you have respect to someone, you will be serious also. In the office, when you go, when you have a boss, you would be serious if you have respect for that boss. Otherwise you won't like to do anything. So that is how things happen. So if you have reverence to the Master, you will adopt the methods that is taught by Him and you will practice and you shall achieve everything. Otherwise, casually you will listen from one ear and give it up in another ear. Like that, that's what happens, so that is why reverence is always recommended.

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