Question: When we feel discouraged, or that faith in God and Guru are challenged, what would Baba suggest?


Satsanga, the company of good people, the knowers of the truth of spirituality, is suggested so that your discouragement gets converted into positive courage, through constant company, in some manner. Either through physically, if it's possible, or through some other means of communication. In modern times, you have telephone, email, letters and so many other things. Thus you can constantly keep in touch with such people who are Enlightened. If that is possible, that's wonderful. If you can be in touch with such people who are really Enlightened, and try to share your experiences; discouragement, depression, or anything, sincerely, and get guidance and the company. If the faith in God and Guru are challenged, you must go to the company of such great people, so that they will guide you always. They will inspire you not to get discouraged and to have constant faith, without any reservations to the God and Guru.

Never allow any challenge to go unfaced. Face such a challenge. Reassure yourself again and again, repeatedly and repeatedly, that the Divine and Guru are in your heart. That Guru is yours, your own Father and Mother will protect you. Whatever work that the Guru is doing, it might appear to you happy or unhappy. Just do not try to judge. Allow it to happen, reassure yourself, even if it is unhappiness or upheavals in the life. Just reassure yourself, that the Guru is working to remove the destiny of prarabdha karma, the previous resolutions of the mind, which have caused the mind to go into egoism. The Guru is working. Even if you are being tortured sometimes. Even if you have to experience the bitterness of life. Because the operation may always be bitter. That's why you have to authorize your Guru, just like if a doctor has to operate upon your body, you have to sign the papers and authorize the doctor. Thus you have to authorize the Guru, so that the Guru can operate on you strongly, even if it is bitter. The company of the good people, the Knowers of the Truth, Ultimate Truth, those who are Enlightened is always the recommended suggestion.

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