Question:  Could You please speak about superstition, reading the future and things such as these?


Spirituality teaches you to discourage this. Spirituality teaches us to face the present. Brooding about the past is no use. The past will not come back. But from the past, we can learn and not repeat the same mistakes. For instance, the stories from the Ramayana are from so long ago - but they are still relevant lessons today.

What the future will be is based on our present efforts. Life is a mixture of good and bad. What is important is how you will face them. With regard to predictions - while there may be general ideas of what is going to come, when we see things such as terrorist attacks, tsunamis and so on, noone has predicted these things. Only afterwards do people say they knew it was going to happen.

Spirituality teaches one to go to the Self. The Self is permanent. Spirituality teaches that you cannot rely on this world for your happiness permanently, because the world itself is transitory.  The Self is Eternal and we can rely on that.

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