Question:  This morning I sat to meditate and put my attention on the brikuti (point between the eyebrows). I realized that energy was pulling the attention up. In the past I had never allowed the attention to follow but clung to the brikuti in order to be a 'good' meditator as per my understanding of dhyana instructions. This morning I surrendered to the energy. I went right up and into ajna chakra and the mind became still. Waves of thoughts and sounds came in at times, but I was on top of them, like a log floating on ocean waves. Eventually energy went up to skull crown and there was an opening that reminded me of the way a planetarium roof spirals open, also like the way a vegetable steamer spirals open. Then it was still, ananda. There was still some thought below and body awareness. But the body was felt without pleasure or pain duality, so it was bliss energy rather than dumb matter. What the mind calls 'pain' in knees, etc. was experienced as shakti releasing from body, like fire releasing from wood. When the energy got too powerful I eventually began to have thoughts and fidget. Then meditation ended.


When this type of experience occurs, it is essential to have total detachment to the experience and just wait and allow things to happen, until consciousness called mind goes beyond this bliss, ananda, and gets delinked from the brain, when it shall loose all locations and attention of other things. Just exist until it does not become, effortlessly being there, totally contented and gaining awareness of Existence, which is Supreme Peace.

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