Question: I have felt a lot of bliss and a strong sense of being guided always by the Divine Presence. Sometimes the individual seems to be there, but the strong attachment to the fulfilment of personal desire is much less. There is much deeper satisfaction in sensing the blissfulness of Divine Grace and Will operating. Could Babaji please discuss this stage and how to go beyond, to experience our own pure existence, beyond the bliss.


This is good, quite an advanced stage. But you will have to be equally very, very careful. As I have already told you, the blissfulness stage is quite risky also. The mind will try to jump back to the universe by giving you lot of such experiences, out of imagination and illusions. It will try to define and, in the process, get sucked back. The mind will come into existence. So, you will have to ignore every experience at this stage and just try to concentrate on the consciousness of your own Existence. Try that. You will definitely find the inner Guru will inspire you. You will have to have patience. The desire itself has to recede and gradually vanish. You have to wait for this to happen. It will happen. Do not try to define, even as Divine's Grace. Don't try to give any definitions, whether it's blissfulness or what it is. Just stop this also and do not allow the mind to think or define. Stop the desire to achieve peace also, then you will achieve peace. It is just like this, you're always thinking and repeating, “I want to go to deep sleep. I want to go to deep sleep. I want to go to deep sleep.” but because the mind is always thinking, it doesn't recede. It doesn't allow the brain to rest, so you don't go into sleep. So when the deep sleep occurs, it suddenly occurs, and you don't know. In the same way, the desire to achieve samadhi, the experience of pure existence, should also recede. Finally then, you will be lead, you will go to that pure existence of your consciousness. Don't worry. You will be definitely be a blessed one and it will happen soon. You just have patience and continue to pay attention on the existence without trying to analyze, without trying to make any judgments. Do not define anything. Don't even think of the name of the Divine at this stage also. Just keep quiet.

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