Question: I became conscious of all the sounds around me. I also watched my thoughts just passing by and I didn't associate with them. I just became conscious to it, and I could feel that energy there as well. Then I did feel going deeper and deeper into myself and then, actually, I don't know where I went. Then when I heard you talking I came out of this really deep, deep state and I came up again and it felt like this amazing peacefulness.


That's very good because peace is the best symptom of effective meditation. When the mind becomes quiet, you have the peace, meaning you have that peace when the mind is unconscious of this world. Normally you would have noticed that in a sound sleep you gain the best happiness for you because the mind is unconscious of this world. The time of eight hours of sleep can pass by like two minutes or seconds. If you don't get sleep, if your mind is bothering about this world, the eight hours might pass by like eighty ages. You will be always watching the clock. That is why in meditation if the mind is in better concentration then forty five minutes or one hour can pass by like this and you will experience enormous peace. So you practice that concentration. That is important.


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