Question: I have heard a number of people say that it is not desirable to see visions or any such thing during meditation, that these are distractions and that one should rise above this and go higher. I seem to recall reading that You are saying that the visions and things that one can see during meditation are a good thing. So could You give some clarification on this?


No, actually the truth is that you need to rise above the level of all visions. But for sadhaks who are practicing meditation we don't want to discourage them in any way. If any vision comes on its own, you do not visualize, you do not imagine. If they come, just watch them as a witness. That's what we try to teach. If you watch them then they get evaporated. Because during meditation, your mind gets applied on the brain. This is a very peculiar relationship between the brain and the mind.
Mind is like the tape, which has acquired all habits, recorded everything in it. Brain acts as the tape recorder, so it plays and it also evaporates, washes the mind. During that process, because of the nature of the brain, everything gets decodified.  Everything that's in the mind getting decodified - visions and thought processes might appear like that. When that appears, what happens is, the mind looking into that further tries to analyze, like, "This is good, this is bad. Why is this happening? Some other should be happening." Something like that. It cannot keep quiet. It always has that tendency. In the process it catches further imprints. So there's a never ending process, of the hen coming out of the egg, the egg coming out of the hen. This goes on, so skillfully to withdraw the mind you simply watch the process, if it is happening. If it does not happen it is wonderful. There is no need of a vision. So vision is really not prominent except that you use it for your concentration. So you have to rise above that, that's what is important.


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