Question:  Is seva (service) an easier practice than meditation?


Whatever you do to lose the imagination, that is practice. Seva is not easy. It is equally as difficult as sitting in meditation. Losing the ego is not easy. “I am the doer,” that imagination will always be there.

You have to take your time and practice. Every time you are working, work it as a duty. Don't expect anything for yourself. Surrender to God. Whatever you are doing, do it without expectations, as a service to God. Do not bother to think about what is going to happen, what is going to come, what is not going to come. It is possible, but it is not easy. The mind gets involved.

Every time the mind is trying to look for an easy way. It's as difficult as meditation. The mind picks up, “I am doing this, I want that” so there will be disappointment. If we expect things to happen from God but God doesn't give us, we cannot surrender, we cannot secure faith. That is why in the path of devotion it is always said, “Okay God, it is your wish, whatever you want, let it happen.”

You have to surrender without expectations of the results. That is what Krishna says, “You have a right to put in efforts, but you do not have any right to the results.” If you accept, you have peace. If you do not accept, you don't have any. If you accept it is night time, you have peace.  If you don't accept but want it to be morning, then there is no peace. That's how it is. If I accept I am in London, it is peace. If I start brooding, “Why am I not in America (previous destination) or India (next destination)?” there is no peace.


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