Question:  Could You please speak about your training under Swamiji, where you concentrated on simply doing the work, without imaginations. You have said that you worked without having the thought, "I am doing this"?


If you have love for the Guru, then you will surrender - completely.  Initially if the Guru told you to do something, the mind might think, "Why should I do this thing?" or "Is this a good thing for me?", "Will this make me happy or unhappy?" and so on - it is like that in the beginning.

But if one surrenders totally to the Guru, then there is no thinking or analyzing about the task. Simply the mind will get stuck on the thought, "I will do this." So where usually the mind will be having thousands of thoughts, here when one surrenders, then there is only one thought, "The Guru has said to do it" or "Let this work reach the Lotus Feet of my Guru."  Then when the mind has only one thought, it will begin to recede.



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