Question:  What if through forces that we don't understand, our expectations are unmet?


This is actually the Divine energy, it is working throughout the universe and the entire creation - you will be able to realize by practicing this meditation. By practicing this meditation you are not going to be become selfish or do something for yourself only.  First you are gaining the best education, the best understanding about yourself; you will be able to face the challenges of these energies that are outside that you do not understand.  Just like for example, you would be putting in your efforts to the best of your ability.  Sometimes the results do not happen according to your expectations.  Sometimes it might happen according to your expectations, sometimes it may not happen according to your expectations.  But you have done your duty, whatever is in your hands, the rest if it is beyond your control you will have to simply accept such a thing that comes.  That is when the mind becomes peaceful otherwise there is no peace at all.  Always there can be confusion to tackle this outside energy.  The same energy that is inside is outside also.  Once you've become more energetic and more composed and more peaceful in the mind you will be able to understand this energy that is outside also and at all times you will be able to have that peace and tranquility.

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