Question:  Could you please explain the path of service?


This is called karma yoga.

Normally whatever we do, we do for ourselves. When we try to serve God and Guru, still there can be the thought of "I am doing this." So on the path of service we must be careful about false pride. When doing service then surrender is very important - do it simply as a duty, with no expectations. The mind will not allow you to do anything except that which it is always expecting. But we need to lose these expectations. Along the path, we eventually even need to lose the desire for liberation - then liberation itself can occur.

Service can be in any form, but you need to lose pride and ego. When I first came to the ashram in Dehradun, I thought I would be simply meditating most of the time, but my Guru taught me to be ready to do anything in the ashram... clean toilets, office work, or whatever. Do it as a duty, with no expectation. Keep on doing things as you are told to, without questioning.

The best service we can do is, do it without expecting. No need to ask God for anything, He will automatically give. There is no need to have expectations. God gives everything. Serve everyone as God; then you will see God everywhere. Always offer service to God. Babaji is able to love everyone because Babaji sees God in everyone.

Surrender and service go together - when you are ready to serve you must surrender.

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