Question: What are the signs of progress on the path of karma yoga?


The signs of progress will be almost the same as when you practice meditation, sitting and closing the eyes. The mind should be able to surrender unconditionally, meaning it shall stop wandering or worrying about anything. Like any argumentative nature, any analyzing or judgements because simply, when you do the karma (action) and offer all the fruits of the karma to your Guru or God, it means you shall not analyze when the results come.  You will simply accept the results as they come, without feeling any brooding or mentally getting agitated. This is karma yoga's one basic symptom; that the mind is progressing on the karma yoga. It means you can surrender and quietly do the karma as a service to God, as a service to the Divine Guru, whatever karma that you are doing. This is the basic thing. Other things also must change.  Attitude, purification of the mind would happen, concentration, ego would definitely decrease in every way and a person would become more humble and more sincere and kind. All these things come. More devotion grows and peace also descends on the mind.

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