Question: What role does bhakti (devotion) to Guru or God play in karma yoga?


It is natural for anyone to expect a particular type of result when he or she is putting in effort that is karma. If such a thing does not happen then the mind would get agitated, or begin brooding, feeling unsatisfied, frustrated even.  These types of things may happen. Such a thing cannot give anyYoga at all. The mind does not recede and go introverted and become quiet, so how can there be a Yoga as long as the mind is constantly into craving and clings on to a particular result? There is no guarantee that all your efforts shall bring the particular type of result that you or your mind expects. When you have devotion to the Guru or God that means you will have the reverence, respect in its highest pitch, so you will definitely accept all the results as the Divine's wishes, the Guru's wishes; whatever the Guru wants, let it happen in that way. In whatever way the Guru keeps me, then let it happen in that way. That is the thing that would be helpful.

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