Question:  You said that when you close the eyes, the mind starts cleansing and all the thoughts that come up just come up to be cleansed, to be erased. Would the same principle apply in our waking hours during our thoughts. Sometimes negative thoughts or temptation thoughts, things that we don't want to do but they come, would the same thing apply? Are they coming up to be cleansed, if we don't analyze them, if we don't obey them or act in a sense that they tell us?


To much of an extent this can be possible, but not like in meditation actually, because your sensory organs will be extrovert and it would be absorbing a tremendous amount of dirt, impressions, imprints into the mind. To remain not analyzing in life, you require a great amount of devotion and surrender to God. So then that is what I was trying to explain - the karma yoga - then also this cleansing can happen, if you can surrender to God, if you can remain not analyzing and if you learn to accept things as it comes, so then the mind gets purified.

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