Question: Can you please explain what Shri Ramana Maharishi meant by the location of the Self is at the right side of the heart and one should focus there?


The Self is everywhere, it is All-Pervading. There is no such location at which it shall exist at a particular place in the body or anything.  But the great Sage Ramana Maharishi told it this way maybe for a sadhak for whom at the beginning it would be helpful. When you close the eyes, if you imagine that the Self is on the right side of the heart and you try to look down introverted, then the mind can go back to the Self. The mind can start losing its thoughts and imaginations. To begin with only a location is being given. Just like in one of the meditation methods that We teach, you close your eyes and concentrate between the eyebrows.  That does not mean that the Self exists only in between the eyebrows, it is everywhere. So it is only to begin with, until a certain stage, that you imagine to give an anchor to the mind for concentration with imagination only.

After a certain stage, when the mind is actually getting absorbed into the Self, then you lose all location and all imagination. Only as long as the mind is in contact with the brain are there all these discriminations and distractions, "Where does this exist? Why does that happen?" All these types of things. Once the mind becomes totally concentrated 100%, it lifts the body-consciousness, also called the kundalini, upward, and they both become one together and start getting delinked from the brain's clutches of reflections. So then you lose all locations.

It is just like, as long as you stand on this earth you try to locate the different directions as south, north, east, and west according to the imagination for the sake of understanding. But once you go up into space, in the middle of space, suddenly if you were able to stand, where do you locate south, where do you locate the north? You have overcome all the directions; it is simply that space exists there. In space, there is neither south nor north, not east nor west. In the same way, when you begin, you try to imagine that the Self would exist here, in the midst of the heart, in between the eyebrows and you concentrate there. Once you go to the advanced stage then you lose all locations and simply become aware of the Self, eventually.


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