Question: Can you speak more about trying to watch where the "I" feeling is coming from? Where does one watch? Is it the spot within that is not defined exactly by location?


As I said in the earlier question, when you begin you will have to imagine some place.  So, either in between the eyebrows at the bhrikuti or in the heart, like say for example, the right side of the heart. You have to imagine by closing the eyes and you try to watch that place through the mind, but actually there is no such location.

What is important is that mind has to lose all imaginations, only then it is able to really watch towards the Self. Until then the attention does not go towards the Self. Because the mind's attention is always going towards the universe, the world or whatever the mind has imagined, towards that the mind is always going. So the mind has to lose these imaginations first. Thought processes should first come to an end.

That is why I also teach, when you are trying to meditate or trying to watch from where the "I" feeling is coming from, in the beginning when thousands of thoughts arise, just do not try to analyze what they are or why they are there, like "this is good, that is bad," or "Where is this from?" If you keep thinking "From where is this coming?" instead of watching, then the mind will be absorbing more imprints, by such judgements and the mind would not recede. The mind either keeps quiet, simply watching the thoughts, or trying to watch from where the "I" is coming means you are automatically concentrating on the Self; trying to concentrate in fact. Only then shall the mind become quiet and recede towards the Self.

This is an automatic process where you cannot imagine, you have to simply lose the thoughts of the mind, that is your job. All you have to achieve is that 100% concentration of the mind. The rest happens automatically. When the mind becomes totally concentrated without any resolution, without any thought, then it automatically goes towards its Self, meaning introverted. That is when you get a chance to really observe the Self before you become one with the Self.


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