Question: How far can we get toward the truth logically? If it is All-Pervading why can't we see It?


If you can analyze logically, perfectly, then it is possible at least to visualize the Truth, that is closest, nearest or in front of your physical eyes. Logically, if a substance, a thing, whatever you want to call it, is All-Pervading how can it escape anybody's eyes? If you are not seeing it, it means there is ignorance. Just like, you are looking for Shivarudra Balayogi amongst ten, twenty or a hundred people who are sitting there, but you have not met Him physically, you have not seen Him. Without asking anybody, without trying to know who Shivarudra Balayogi is, you will be looking at all the hundred people and take a judgement and decide, "Oh, Shivarudra Balayogi does not exist here," because you are unable to see. You come out and people will laugh at you. All the ninety nine other people there know who is Shivarudra Balayogi and will laugh at you because Shivarudra Balayogi is sitting there. You are unable to see simply because you don't know who Shivarudra Balayogi is. That is why if you know who is this Divine, what is this Divine, so you will always be able to see the Divine.

Just like, there are two important clues; one is the familiar one, which everybody knows of in spirituality. The spiritual students all know, they read, they hear, they talk that it is All-Pervading, meaning it is everywhere. There is no such place where it does not exist. There is another important clue that Vashista tells in His discourse to Lord Rama, "It Exists in Itself." This is very important. If you stand and look there are two important things. One is the space; the other is the object matter. There might be a hundred thousand object matters around you and one space. For example, if you say all the object matter exists in the space, meaning without space the object matter cannot exist and these object matters cannot go beyond the space. Wherever it goes it will have to be in the space, because space is All-Pervading. But, wherever the object matter does not exist, the space exists. The space can exist without the help of anything else. The space is the only thing that has this quality, that it is All-Pervading and it Exists in Itself. It does not require even oxygen or any other place for its Existence. It Exists in Itself. That is how this All-Pervadedness can be seen if you can understand this aspect logically also.

Now, the space would appear as space because of your imagination, your imagination of the space would be "void, emptiness," like that. If you imagine it as a zero, it would appear as a zero. And if you imagine it as absolute, it would appear as absolute. Zero is absolute and absolute is zero. It is like a glass that is empty, not filled with water or anything. If you see inside you can tell that this glass is empty, or you can say that this glass is filled with space. It is the way that you recognize. This room is filled with space. The entire universe is filled with space. You must know that this space is not an inert thing, it is Supreme Consciousness. Through the mind only you can get in touch with This.  Just now, because of your imagination and understanding, you are thinking of this as 'space.'  It can be something beyond that also. It can be anything. It is neither empty, nor full. It neither zero, nor absoluteness. That is why the Great Sages called it boundless, Ananta. They did not try to explain it.

The space does not have to be what we have already imagined, it can be something else. That is important; it is not an inert thing. The way that you would recognise, it would appear.

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