Question: Is it important to eat vegetarian food?


My Guru was very liberal in this and didn't specify. He likened it to either fixing or connecting each individual wire in an electrical lead, or simply throwing the main switch to connect them all automatically. If you meditate, you will automatically find which foods suit you best. Swamiji felt that if he specified this or that foods, it could lead to some unnecessary controversy. For instance if you are used to eating a particular food, and then the Guru tells you suddenly that you must give it up, then you might find you spend the whole one hour of meditation simply thinking about that food which you are missing. However I could say firstly, that you should not overeat, as that will make you sleepy. Learn over time which foods best suit you. At the ashram we eat vegetarian food with no egg but I never impose that on people. Simply manage your needs properly. 

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