Question:  Last week you mentioned that you didn't eat meat or eggs. Can you comment on the importance of this?


First thing, by a destiny I was born into such family where for generations we have not eaten any meat or eggs. We are totally pure vegetarians, so that became quite handy and easy for me. However, my Master did not try to prescribe strictly because He taught in a universal way, that all around the world, depending on the weather conditions and habits of people and availability of things, different types of food eating may be practiced. So what He said was, "If you meditate, on your own, if it comes into your mind that you want to give up, you can give up meat and non-vegetarian foods and become vegetarian." But the general opinion from my side is that whatever you eat, the blood has to become produced and this blood gets supplied to the brain. So based on the quality of the blood, the brain's health also much depends. So you should try to take light foods. I can always recommend green vegetables, leafy vegetables, good dahls, all these things can be very helpful in meditation so that you don't become sleepy or feel heavy to the brain. So such things would be much more helpful in meditation. Because my mother used to say, "If anybody asks why you don't eat, you simply tell, 'I don't like,' no need to get into any controversies, mentioning about religion, caste, this, that." One man's food is another man's poison in this world. Different people may have different likings. So we try to avoid being controversial.

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